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The divide

July 4, 2012
The divide
      to my friends
Along the road we walked
collecting flowers and stones,
stones and flowers.
Some weighed heavily in our pockets
and we stumbled at times.
We have been the four cardinal points,
and together we shared the Way
to the Center.
Towards left, to the East, 
our companion,
was carried by storms.
Farther and farther she went
until we could only distinguish the trace of her shape.
The West Goddess started to swirl the world
faster and faster.
She was a dervish
and winded her soul on a spinning wheel.
Up, the North star drifted to horizon
til she could not see us at all,
til she could not see herself at all.
Here, in the South, I am left with my soul
broken by wind, spun by fast fingers.
I am Atlas carrying the globe on my back.
Heavier and heavier, the load is pressuring me.
When will we find back the path?
by Elena Cochia – Vochin
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