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In the jungle of Khalimanstar

June 27, 2012

In the jungle of Khalimanstar the leopard women used to rest lasciviously on the grassy grounds, reflecting over the eternal question of life: “Who are we?”. From time to time a clown monkey would miss a tree branch and leap down, to their death, right between the paws of the above mentioned contemplative beasts.
It was forbidden for men to enter the forest. So many times, they have been enticed to follow these mysterious creatures, seduced by their voluptuous breasts and wide, yellow eyes. They tried to talk with them, feed them fresh slices of meat. Some foolishly believed that they have found true love. Throwing themselves at their feet, they allowed the she-leopard to digest them slowly, in a promiscuous sadistic and pleasurable way. And others, crazy enough, tried even to mate with them, because man-leopard had never been seen and the intriguing glare of the half women beasts made them believe that such sexual acts were possible and even forgiven by God. None of them succeeded as, poor bastards, poets, idealists and criminals alike were equally devoured with no discern. And later, purring loud enough to be heard two villages away, the she-leopards went back to their philosophical siesta. The curvaceous monsters were again satisfied and were again daydreaming about the reason of existence.
There were rumors in the village, of course. People were talking, yes! Some said that the girls disappearing lately were just the she-leopards. They ran away from their families, deep in the forest and came back at the edge of it, transformed, now half wild and half civilized. And mothers would swear that they could recognize their daughters and it was said that some were able even to stroke their golden furs. And truth, being told, women had never been attacked.
“It’s a conspiracy” some newspaper writers cried. “Women want to get rid of men. This is a government experiment.” but no proof was found pro or against it, either. So this theory was left suspended on the internet, books and newspapers without a way of approving or disapproving it. And there were other theories equally debated.
However, in spite of legends, myths and stories around the she-leopards, in the past few months, a very strange phenomenon occurred. Men were not eaten anymore, but treated with mere indifference and slight bore, if the beast could have such a feeling.
Dr. Handisharmun, the eminent zoologist and anthropologist was interviewed on the 9PM news on Sunday, August 8, 1993 in order to explain the weird behavior of the she-leopards. Amazingly, noticed by all viewers that evening, he could now sit at a comfortable distance to them and be filmed at ease by the cameraman. With a deep breath and adjusting his voice with importance he said:
“Ladies and gentlemen, the simple explanation of it is that the creatures have become vegetarian.”


by Elena Cochia – Vochin

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  1. Carina permalink
    June 27, 2012 11:19 pm

    The leopard woman then and now has known who She really was. She did not need recognition, adoration or approval. Was she above everybody and everything?
    I don’t think that such judgement ever entered her thinking.
    She was everything and nothing, she was the beginning and the end of all.

  2. June 27, 2012 11:50 pm

    Carina, let me first thank you for your comment. I am impressed on the fact that you understood the leopard woman nature and very happy that my writing transpired some of my intention. In truth, they do not need anybody’s approval or judgement, they are searching more within themselves.
    The leopard women represent the duality within us, the fight between the primordial instinct and spirituality. In the end the spirituality prevails, as the beasts are turning vegetarian, denouncing their animality.

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